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Zoom Sel Saint Laurent Sea Salt
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Sel Saint Laurent Sea Salt


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The first flaked sea salt made in Quebec, Sel Saint Laurent is harvested in the estuary of the St. Laurence River where the Labrador current carries pure water from the Arctic. In this deep water, light no longer penetrates, meaning algae, plankton, krill, fish and pollution from the upper water layer don't mix with it. Drawn at high tide from a depth of over 200 meters, it's less iodized than many other sea salts. As the seawater evaporates, crispy flakes (akin to Maldon salt or the best fleur de sel) gather at the top, creating one of the best quality salts in the world. With a flaky texture, subtle crunch and delicate flavour, use it as a finishing salt for your salads, sides and mains.

Of note: because this area is a marine park that is unique in the world, salt is harvest in conjunction with Fisheries Canada in order to preserve the precious ecosystem responsible for maintaining the life of whales and other species.  



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