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HG Top Sellers

Here's What You Loved the Most


If you love following trends and enjoy a good Top 10, here are some of the products we find hard to keep in stock. 


 1. A ‘Universal’ Wine Glass

Most us were told that every sort of wine requires a distinctive glass to intensify the flavour of each wine's variety. It's a theory that's recently been debunked, meaning you can now save a little cupboard space, and invest in just one universal stemmed glass for whites, reds, rosés and sparkling wines. Just as a great instrument can improve the sound of the song, a quality glass (the thinner the better) enhances the pleasure and experience of drinking wine.

 2. Marble Butter Keeper 

The European butter keeper trend took a while to reach North America, but now there's no turning back. A little water at the bottom ensures that butter doesn't spoil when left out, and that means perfect spreading consistency, every time.  It also looks great on your kitchen counter. 

 3. Oil + Vinegar Cruets 


We love dressing our salads as the Italians do: drizzle lots of olive oil, add a touch of vinegar and finish with a pinch of salt. It would seem that you do too. These cruets not only look great, their narrow spout means no over-pouring or over-dressing. Buon appetito.

 4. White Dinnerware


Like a great pair of jeans, white dinnerware is versatile and will never go out of style. It allows your food to take centre stage. It also means you can play around with coloured glasses, napkins and other decorative touches that patterned dinnerware can't.

 5. Unstructured Napkins


We love a good linen napkin - and our Bilbao napkins have a relaxed fringe and decidedly non-stuffy vibe. We can likely all agree that ironing is not a reality most of the time, which is why these unstructured beauties are, as Goldilocks said, 'just right'.

 6. Supporting the Artists of Cape  Dorset


Our hearts burst just a little at your reaction to our limited edition series of table mats where a percentage of proceeds go to the artists of Cape Dorset. It feels good, it looks great, no wonder these are in our Top 10. (We still have a few left, get them before they're gone.)

 7. Colourful Glasses


You can get a good amount of smile power from a daily pop of colour. Whether they're our Italian tumblers (right) or German curved glasses, the trend was getting one in every colour for a perfect table mashup.

 8. Olivewood Salt Keeper


Salt is having a moment. And by that we mean that good quality salt is no longer a luxury but a daily staple. Those salt shakers that hold processed, iodized salt? Don't expect to see many of them in your future, only a growing amount of keepers to hold your Maldon, pink Himalayan, kosher or ​fleur de sel.

 9. Maple Syrup and Raw Honey


We bottle the Royal Winter Fair's gold-medal winning syrup from Ontario's French River region, and raw honey from Prince Edward County. These two natural, organic sweeteners are what most nutrition experts recommend for a sweet treat, as they contain nutrients that sweeteners and processed sugars just don't.

 10. The Picardie Tumbler 


Known as the original French tumbler, the Picardie glass is stackable, impact-resistant and tempered - meaning it welcomes both ice water or a steaming latté. Its conical shape has long been recognized as a French classic that design guru Patrick Taylor lists alongside design greats such as the Swiss army knife and Levi jeans. New for 2019: our Duralex stackable prep bowls.