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Zoom Superglas Club 2 Shatterfree DOF, Set/6

Superglas Club 2 Shatterfree DOF, Set/6


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If there was a superhero of glassware, this would be it. Designed and manufactured in Germany from 100% recycled material (it's not glass but it sure looks like it), Superglas insulates four times better than traditional glassware and keeps drinks colder, longer. It’s also practically indestructible and won’t scratch or shatter even when thrown around. 


Made in Germany.

BPA free | Plastic free | Made of 100% recycled waste

3.62" x 3.62" x 3.43"

8 oz | 250 ml

Koziol stands for design with a clear conscience. The German company was founded in 1927 and produces products under fair and sustainable conditions that benefit people and their planet alike. No thermosetting plastics. No BPA. No softeners. All of the company's production waste is recycled. It’s all but impossible to match Koziol's commitment to conservation.

Dishwasher safe


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