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A Year in Review: Our Top 10 Bestselling Products of 2016

10.  Zalto's Universal Glass

Adam Rapoport, Editor of Bon Appetit magazine, wrote that the Zalto was “Quite possibly the greatest wine glass we’ll ever drink from”.  Having discovered it a Le Bernadid in New York, he describes it as “tall and lean, with an impossibly slim stem."  Zalto glasses are exceptionally strong because they’re blown in one piece, and because the stem is so thin, it’s actually flexible, making it much more durable than it looks.  The Universal glass works with many types of wine and if you only have room for one glass in your collection, this is it. Robert Parker, the world’s most influential wine critic, is a big fan, and best of all, they're dishwasher-safe.


9.  Sal de Ibiza

Fleur de Sel is the caviar of sea salt, a thin layer of salt that rises to the surface of shallow pools of seawater. It contains no additives or preservatives, nor does it undergo any form of refinement other than slow drying under the sun. There are lots of salts out there, but try a little of this on your avocado toast and you'll be smitten. The pretty packaging makes this a popular gift.

8.  Berard's Olive Wood Salt Keeper


It works on your table, a lovely vessel for your favourite fleur de sel, or it can sit beside your stove, holding your sel fin (aka cooking salt). This salt keeper is made by Berard, who has been making wood items the mountains of Royans near the northern edge of Provence for over a century. Each piece is unique, with its irregular graining and knots.

7.  Match 1995 Platters

You heard it here first: pewter is the new silver. We think these platters have been flying off the shelves because they reflect the way we entertain today: casually elegant. They also look great in the city or country, and can go into the dishwasher. Check, check and check.

6. Linen Napkins

Don't get us wrong, paper napkins have their place in the sun. But nothing adds elegance to a dinner table than linen napkins. Our "Bilbao" napkins are popular because they're pre-washed and are already soft. They're also amply-sized (21") which feels nice on your lap. Lastly, you don't actually have to iron them. That slightly crumpled look is un-fussily chic.

5. Our French Butter Keepers

It's pretty-looking and pretty practical. For those of you who like us are obsessed with optimal spreadability, you won't be turning back. Bon Appetit says that "the cult of the French butter keeper is real" and everyone who owns one is fanatical about it, "like they're defending their favorite Star Wars episode". Simply pack the keeper with ½ cup softened butter, add ¼ cup water to the base and invert the keeper to create an airtight seal of water that protects flavor and freshness. 

4. Sabre Servers

Sabre's Old fashioned servers have an elegant and timeless design, yet are playful and contemporary. Likely because they come in the most delicious colours that add a pop to your presentation.

3. George Jensen's Champagne Cooler

Few things start a dinner party off on the right foot better than a sparkly glass of champagne, and Jensen's organic-looking cooler has an elliptical opening that holds your bubbly at the perfect angle.

2. Jim Lorriman Wood Bowls & Platters

Jim's love of wood turning and passion for history make each of his pieces unique.  His salad bowls, in particular, have been one of our most popular wedding gift because each piece can be customized with a name, date and/or message. Jim works with recycled wood found across Ontario, found in historic buildings like Queens' Park, old cedar docks from cottage country or the bottom of Georgian Bay.

1. Dibbern Fine Bone China

We were introduced to Dibbern in our first month of business by an elegant and well-travelled customer who suggested we take a look. And not only were we the first to bring the brand to Canada, Dibbern's clean and modern aesthetic combined with its durability have made this our bestselling brand.


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